June 18, 2021

2 thoughts on “Background Searches

  1. I told you about my two heroes for a reason. I would always ask them before I had to make any big decisions, as I sometimes had to make decisions over life and death. I would think to myself, what if my dad, or God was here? What would they think about their son, and what he is doing right now? What would they think about how I handled things and people? In 24 years, my heroes kept me safe, helped me survive two gun shot wounds, seven stab wounds, getting stabbed with dirty hypodermic needles, and crack pipes, and countless fights! Some nights I spent in the hospital, but most nights I went home, happy to see my family!

    I got to where I was, and was able to help people, save many lives, hopefully have an impact on hundreds of other lives, and I was able to do it, all because I was really good at interviewing, and doing background checks!

    I know I got a bit carried away here, and I hope that I haven’t offended anyone, but I just sat down, and started to write! If anyone out there would like a few pointers on what worked for me, feel free to contact me, and I am always there to help! You can reach me through my website at http://www.casesolvers.com, or my Linkedin account at: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/viewid=39768327&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile . Have a great day, keep your heroes close, and keep your head down!

  2. Hello,
    I understand what I think you are trying to say here, but I would not go so far as to say it is illegal to look at certain records in some states to do background checks for perspective employment! You can look at anything that you can legally obtain, but may not be able to include it in your final report. For instance, it may be illegal to use a credit report to determine employability; however, that credit report may contain intelligence information that may be brought up in an interview by a perspective employee. Once they open that door, you can go wherever you like, as long as they open it first and you don’t mention their credit report!

    The Interviewer, or what I like to call the “Interroviewer”, can touch on any subject that they want to, if they are talented enough, and can direct the perspective employee in that direction, without being detected. When the person being interviewed has the belief that the interroviewer knows a lot more than he or she really does, this can be done without any coaxing at all. People love to talk about themselves, especially at an employment interview, and everyone has some secrets that they like to get off of their chest! After all, they want you to think that they are human beings!

    President Bill Clinton admitted to smoking marijuana, but claimed he didn’t inhale. Why? Because he has smoked pot throughout his college years, there were people who knew about it, and so he had to admit it, at least part of the way! If I asked your average 18 year old if they had even smoked marijuana, or consumed an alcoholic beverage, and they said no, I would almost be forced by statistics and common knowledge to disbelieve them! They may be telling the truth, but even if they are, there is something going on there that sends up flags, and you just have to get to them! Were they loners, anti-social, what’s up with that…LOL….

    It takes me back to my employment interview with the Chief of Police when I was hired! I was 18 years old, still had a week of high school left to go, and I walked into his office, he introduced himself, and then immediately asked me if I had ever smoked marijuana before. I immediately said yes. He then asked me if I still smoked it, and I said no sir. He then asked why, and I told him that I didn’t like it, because it made me paranoid, and extremely nervous! He then asked me if I drank alcohol. I said that I did occasionally. He then reached across the desk, and shook my hand, and said, “You’re hired”. The interview went on for another hour, and just before I was sworn in, and handed my badge, he looked at me and said, “If you would have said no to the marijuana question I asked you, I would have thrown your ass out of my office!” The city clerk then swore me in, handed me a badge, and shook my hand! I was a police officer before I had graduated high school!

    I guess honesty is truly the best policy! I am a 24 year Metro-Detroit Police Officer, retiring in 2002, and spent almost my entire career as a detective. I was used by my department and loaned to other departments to interview suspects. I closed 100% of my Circuit Court cases with signed, taped, and video recorded confessions. I have also been a licensed PI for 32 years, and interview employees for several hundred financial institutions, and Fortune 500 companies, all verified through my website. I didn’t start out recording my interviews, but I was accused so many times early on in my career of intimidation, coercion, threatening, and using physical violence to obtain confessions, even though the suspects denied it, that I had to start recording the interviews.

    My techniques can be taught to the right kind of person, as it is not all talent! You have to be a good actor, a teacher, a preacher, a mother and father, a friend, a bartender, and someone who seems sympathetic and empathetic to the suspect’s situation! You have to have an above average EQ, or emotional quotient, and an above average IQ. It also helps tremendously if you are well studied in LSI, and SCAN, which is Scientific Content Analysis of written statements or documents, and how to ask questions that will illicit responses that can be studied for patterns of dishonesty, disassociation, and other things that trip up the mind.

    If you can get the suspect to trust you, through mutual respect, you have all but solved the case! I know that it works, as I correspond with almost 20 people who I put in prison for the rest of their lives for capital offenses, and none of them, at least as far as I can tell, harbor any hatred for me! They know what they did, and why they are in prison, and that I may have helped put them there, but it was they who did what they did to seal their own fates!

    My biggest wishes in life have always been that it would have been great to be there when they were deciding to do what it was that got them thrown away for the rest of their lives! Don’t get me wrong, I am not a bleeding heart. If Michigan still had capital punishment, and they needed someone to throw the switch, I would happily volunteer, and wouldn’t lose a second of sleep over it! Capital Punishment would be a great thing if it was faster! Not as a deterrent, but as punishment for certain crimes! Whenever I read about some parent killing their kids because they were temporarily insane, I feel sorry for them for that, but still think that they should be taken out of this world!

    I learned a long time ago, that there is very little that deters certain crimes, so I don’t believe the death penalty to be a deterrent. Forget about preventing other crimes with the death penalty, and use it as straight up punishment! If someone isn’t deterred by the thought of spending the rest of their lives in a 6 x 10 room, with a bunch of broken, irreparable people, skin heads, gangs, sodomizers, and the total scum of the earth, why the hell would they fear lethal injection, where they just go to sleep? In years past, impaling people didn’t deter crime, or just about anything that society thought was “ungodly”, even when they would decorate the borders of entire villages with thousands of impaled “criminals”!

    We can hardly compare someone who shot and killed one of the King’s deer to feed your starving family with the criminals of today! If you were caught back then doing something like that, they would take you to the center of town, get you to confess while being racked, having your abdomen ripped open, your testicles cut and pulled off, and making you watch as they disemboweled you, just before they cut your head off, and not always on the first strike!

    Now, you can steal a piece of meat from Wal-Mart, and unless it’s over a certain dollar amount, their security people won’t even chase you! What does all of this have to do with background checks for employment? Not a damn thing! It has more to do with a retired cop, who can type over 100 words per minute, who is totally passionate about what he does, and he wants to help anyone else in the same life’s work, to be the best that they can be! It may have something to do with those damn Monster Energy Drinks too…LOL……

    Whether you are a detective, a skip tracer, a collector, a personnel director, or whatever you do that has to do with weeding the workplace of undesirable people, here is the best advice that I can give you! Make sure that you take at least two of your heroes with you when you go to work! For my entire career as a police officer, from a lowly rookie patrol officer, all the way up to a Detective Inspector, or Lieutenant, I always made sure I had my two heroes with me! I would get ready for work while I talked with them every day! I would put on my Kevlar vest, making sure that the velcro straps wouldn’t push through my t-shirt, causing me to itch like crazy. I would then put on my clean, starched uniform blouse, with crisp military creases front and back. Not those rip off sewn in creases, but real ones that I ironed in myself, sizing and starching the hell out of them so the fabric had a memory! I would put on my uniform pants, which were dark blue, with a black nylon stripe down the sides. I would put on my spit shines shoes, not the cheaters clorofam, or Bates Float-Aways, that had the glass like finish on them! I would get my shoes to sparkle just like them, or better, and would always polish them until I could see my reflection in them. I would make sure that my gig line was straight, my belt buckle on my duty belt was even with my gig line, and then I would put on my Sam Brown belt, making sure that the gold buckle was on top of the other gold buckle. Then my keepers with gold snaps. I would make sure that my handcuffs were in their holder, that my nightstick ring was hanging in the right place, my prep radio clip was in the right spot, and then I would put 18 bullets in the loop holders in the front of my belt! (Just like Marshall Dillon on Gun Smoke! This was when we still carried wheel guns, or revolvers! A whole .38 caliber!) I would then open my gun, check for obstructions that would prevent the cylinder from revolving, and of course, making sure that each cylinder had a live round in it! I would then place it in my holster, and snap it in! Then, I would put all of my service decorations, that were already mounted to a plastic plate above my left upper pocket, and pin it in place. Then, the most important thing! I would put my gold badge on. My two heroes and I would then get in the car, and drive a half hour or so to get to the precinct house! I would go to roll call. amd give my officers their briefing, which included special patrols, BOLO or be on the look out information, and inspect to make sure that their uniforms looked sharp, and they all had everything they needed, such as handcuffs, guns, flashlights, bullets, etc. Yes, believe it or not, some guys would forget their damn pants if they didn’t feel a draft! We would all hit the road, all 30 or so of us. My heroes and I would go to the armory, and check out a long gun of choice. Going all the way back to 1979, we had some really advanced weapons! I could take a Remmington 870, a Benelli M4 Tactical, an M-1 Carbine, right out of WWII Military stock, a Colt AR-15, or M-16, or an H-K MP5 SMG. No wonder we still carried .38 Smith and Wesson Model 10s. Anyway, because I was in charge of the city for 8 hours, I had plenty of time to spend with my heroes! Who were my heroes? Well, one was my deceased father, and the other one was God. They both road with me every day, and went to every call, and helped do CPR, and were with me every step of the way! I think that’s why I made it all the way to lieutenant at such a young age! It was really weird being in command over the same people who trained me! In my own way, I loved each and every one of them! In all those years, other than my two heroes, I never had a partner except for one guy! I am 6 foot 10, 300 lbs, and spent a lot of time in the gym. He was 6 foot 6, 290, and was always there in the gym with me! We worked a special unit called directed patrol together for four years. DPU, or Directed Patrol Unit was my partner and I, and a uniformed K-9 officer. We were part of a County unit, and every department in two counties lent the same amount of personnel to thus special unit! We were deputized by all of the counties that participated, and had the State Police, and a couple of Federal Agents with us, from the DEA, INS, and the FBI. We worked any area within a five county area that needed special attention for any special problems, like prostitution, gambling, residential or commercial burgulary, armed robbery, gang violence, drugs, whatever! We answered to only our chief, as he was appointed to run the DPU for the entire area. Anyway, this partner of mine was a great guy! He didn’t get along with anyone, was abrasive as hell, and just down right scary! It only took me about two days to pick through his wall, and we became like brothers, both on and off duty! He retired right after they disbanded the DPU unit. Things were never the same, and I missed him. A few weeks later, they found him dead of a heart attack sitting behind the steering wheel of a bus. He had taken a job driving a school bus, just to keep busy, and the kids loved him! Imagine, this big gruff guy who other cops were afraid of, who just loved these kids! I will never get over his death, becaue I loved the man like a brother, or even more! Our families got close too! My sons loved him, and so did my wife, and it was the same with his Tom boy daughter, and his wife!

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